Round Areca PlatesRound Areca Plates

Round Areca plates

The disposable eco-friendly palm leaf plates and bowls are available in different sizes. This plate comes with a rib and also in different sizes like 6 inches ,8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches.


We are the leading disposable plates wholesaler in India. We offer excellent quality Areca plates in different shapes and sizes.The round areca plates comes with raised edges and few manufacturers make it with the raise edges. The one with Raised edge can work finely with the liquid and semi-liquid foods.


Round Areca plates are made from Areca palm fallen leaves. Areca palm tree is grown mostly in South India for the betel nuts. These palm trees shed leaves that is collected and used as the raw material for Areca Plates. So the tree is not cut during procuring raw material.

The leaves are 100%  Eco friendly, sustainable and Biodegradable.They are compostable within 90 days eventually not filling up the land fill.

Non-Toxic & Chemical Free:

While manufacturing, the leaves are NOT processed with any checmical. They are washed in the clean water and naturally dried.


Its lightweight, durable and microwave safe. No leaking of liquid foods and doesn’t get wet.


These plates are perfect for Wedding, Parties,Buffet and restaurants.

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