Square Areca PlatesSquare Areca Plates

Square Areca leaf plates | Flat | Sizes available: 5″, 6″, 8″, 9″ and 10″

Square Areca plates and bowls are sturdy, lightweight and microwave safe. These areca plates are best suitable for a picnic potluck.



Square areca plates are 100% environment friendly, sustainable,Biodegradable and is an excellent replacement for the foam plates that we use regularly while food serving.They are compostable within 90 days and eventually not filling up the land fill. These plates are made from the fallen leaves. Yes it is a gold derived from Areca palm fallen leaves.

The good part is for sourcing the raw material, the trees aren’t cut down.These leaves are from Areca palm tree which is cultivated in South India and some places in South east countries mainly for the betel nuts they produce. This betel nuts are chewed with tobacco in India.

Non-Toxic & Chemical Free:

While manufacturing, the leaves are NOT processed with any chemical. They are washed in the clean water and naturally dried.

After collecting the leaves they are thoroughly immersed and washed for any sand impurities and natural dried. No other toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process


Its lightweight, durable and microwave and oven safe upto certain temperature. Liquid foods like sauces doesn’t leak through the plate it can go well with cutlery as well, be it stainless steel or wood or Areca itself.


These plates are perfect for Wedding, Parties,Buffet and restaurants.

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