4-Inch Areca leaf bowl4-Inch Areca leaf bowl

4-inches Areca leaf bowl | Shallow | Round corners

Areca shallow bowls.



  1. shallow bowls are made from Areca palm leaf and come with round corners.
  2. This bowl is an excellent choice for a sushi bar and taco festivals.
  3. Areca leaf bowl is sturdy, lightweight and appears rustic and so makes it suitable for picnic, festivals, and guests serving at home parties.
  4. These are 100% eco-friendly disposable plates and 100% natural
  5. NO chemical or synthetic additives are added in manufacturing the Areca leaf bowls.
  6. Areca leaf bowls comply with international standards.
  7. Minimum Order Quantity: 2000.
  8. Sample available on request.
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