4.5 inches areca bowl4.5 inches areca bowl

4.5-Inches Round Areca palm leaf bowls| Eco friendly and Bio Degradable


These eco-friendly disposable bowls come with a depth of 1 inch and can be used to serve small serving of soups and desserts.
100% plant material and the range of Areca plates and bowls are FREE from chemicals, plastics, and other synthetic materials.
Biodegradable Areca palm leaf bowls give a rustic look and a is perfect disposable tableware for picnics and parties.
These bowls are made using the sturdy palm leaf plates which are shredded by the Areca palm trees.
The palm leaf plates are pressed in the hydraulic press to form the plates and bowls.
Palm plates are Microwave safe.
Our plates sturdy enough and can work with hot and cold foods.
Fast and easy clean up after use. It can be dumped in the backyard for composting after use.

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