12 inches round areca plate with 4 compartment12 inches round areca plate with 4 compartment

12-inch Round Areca plate with 4 Compartments

Round areca palm leaf plate best for serving Lunch and breakfast


  1. These are heavy-duty sturdy plates with 4 partitions. Elegant and carry a rustic appearance.
  2. These disposable areca plates are best for serving lunch and breakfast
  3. Chemical FREE: These plates are 100% chemical-free. No chemical is used in the manufacturing
  4. Plastic FREE: The plates are made from Areca palm tree material and contain no plastic. BPA FREE
  5. 100% Clean and Natural: Leaves are cleaned using freshwater and scrubbed to remove dust and mud and then pressed into plates using a hydraulic press.
  6. EcoFriendly : The Areca palm leaf plates are 100% eco-friendly and biodegrade in less than 30 days.
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