Rectangle Areca Plates 9 by 6 inchesRectangle Areca Plates 9 by 6 inches

100% Natural Rectangle Areca Plates and Bowls

Rectangle Areca Bowls can be used for any kind rice bowls and the big size plates can also be used as tray for serving foods.We offer the following rectangle Areca plates.

  • 12 X 8 inches Rectangle Areca plates
  • 9 X 6 inches Rectangle Areca Flat plate
  • 9 X 6 inches Rectangle Areca bowl
  • 7 X 3.5 inches Rectangle Areca Plate
  • 6.5 X 5.3 inches Rectangle Areca Plate

The size is based on length and there is a slight variation in the thickness of the bowl Since the raw material is nature made one.


The plates are shrink wrapped and packed into the carton box. Default number of plates in the pack is 25, but Buyers can also define the number of plates packed in the shrink wrap. Packing will be done as per the best standards.

Supply Ability: 70,000 – 80,000 pieces / Month



Rectangle Areca plates and bowls are stylish, elegant and makes it for holding hot foods. It is 100%  natural and no Chemical and no extra coating is used during the manufacturing process.The raw material is a 100% plant material from Areca palm tree and good thing about these plates is that the trees need not be cut down to harvest the raw material. The leaves are naturally shed by the trees.

Non-Toxic & Chemical Free:

It’s pure and no chemical and no extra coating is done while manufacturing. The leaves are washed in a clean water tank and dried naturally. After drying these are pressed in the hydraulic press and packed.


Its lightweight, durable and microwave and oven safe upto certain temperature. Liquid foods like sauces doesn’t leak through the plate it can go well with cutlery as well, be it stainless steel or wood or Areca itself.


These plates are perfect for Wedding, Parties,Buffet,Restaurants and used in picnic as well.

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9 inches, 7 inches



Eco friendly ?

Yes. 100% compostable.