Green and Clean Environment for next generation – Initiative

How essential Trees are ?

As we all know from our childhood classes, how much vital the trees are for the life to exist on earth. They produce the oxygen that we breath and inhale the carbon-di-oxide that we exhale.So for the lives to persist on this planet, we need them.They also provide shade on the roads(Many highways have trees planted on both the sides of the road) and when strategically planted within home compound it provides shadeto home preventing heat from sun during summer and cuts downs the electricity bill. When we plant a fruit producing tree, then we can reap double benefits the shade and tasty fruit!

Trees are not only for humans, and we should plant more not only for the good of humans but also for other living organisms to thrive. Trees provide food and shelter for many local
animals, birds and insects.

Squirrel in the Tree

Why plant more Trees ?

Trees also prevent soil erosion during floods and they also enrich the soil. The soil contents and the micro organisms living in the soil is also nourished by the trees. One of the highest good that every tree tree does sequestering of the carbon gas content in the atmosphere. Instead trying to invent machines to absorb the carbon and Green House gases in the atmosphere, these nature made machines (Trees) can be grown more and more to accomplish this arduous task of balancing the Green house gases in our environment.

Co2 absorption

Carbon which is one of the first and most important agent of the Greenhouse gases. This Carbon emissions can be offset by planting more trees, there by bring down the effect of Global Warming. According to WorldBank data, per Capita CO2 emission is 1.74 tonnes per year (look at the graph below) and this emission is increasing every decade and that leads us to a urgent action of planting and growing more and more trees. But it reality the opposite is happening in many places.We are cutting down more trees than we plant and many forests are deforested because of urbanization, agriculture and for developing cattle grazing fields. Every year humans cut upto 7 billion trees for various purposes and that is really more than the number of trees planted in that particular year.

Co2 Emission per Capita in India is 1.73 tonnes

What will happen if we had cut down all the trees and how we will breath ? Oxygen cylinders ? is that what our future generations is going to carry it on their back ? Imagine how dreadful the situation would be. So we thought of this situation everyday and gradually it became our obsession for Green and Clean environment for our next generations and We pledged to our self that to spread awareness about planting trees for a Green environment and decided to donate Tree sapling to the public.
We strongly believe that this small initiative will have an huge impact on the environment. The more trees we plant, the more good we receive from that act.

Our Vision

So it became the mission for us,that as our Organization grows it will make proportionate amount of good impact on the environment.That is to plant Trees and donate more tree sampling and encouraging others to do the same. We are joining hands with many non for profit organization to help us on achieving the vision of “Green and Clean Environment for next generation”.

Though it is small initiative we wish all our customers, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders to support us on this small but essential initiative, as we already know Small drops makes the mighty oceans.

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