How to reuse Biodegradable disposable plates(areca palm leaf plates)?

How to reuse Biodegradable disposable plates(areca palm leaf plates)?

Peas masala served in Areca bowls
Peas masala served in Areca bowls

Biodegradable disposable plates and cutlery made from Areca sheaths had slowly become an inevitable element of the food serving occasion.

Consumers prefer areca leaf plates because of their biodegradability nature and ease of disposing of it.

People dispose of the areca leaf plates after using them, and the soiled plates don’t serve any other purpose. I also get frequent questions from people about how to get the most out of these biodegradable disposable plates.

They want to know if they can wash these plates and reuse them again and if there is any way they can recycle it. Let’s dive in and what you can do with the used areca palm plates.

Are palm leaf plates reusable?

No. To reuse, you have to clean the plate/bowl by washing, but after you wash the areca leaf plates will lose its shape.

As you can see from the areca plate manufacturing process, we put the moist areca sheath between the hot pressing heads(80-degree Celcius) and press them with high pressure.

This pressure is what gives the plate and bowl its shape. This setup may not be possible to do at home.

So this makes clear that you cannot reuse the areca plates.

Are palm leaf plates recyclable?

Recycling is the process of converting the waste materials into new usable objects. Recycling reduces the need to extract the metals from earth and is environment friendly.

For example, you can recycle the use aluminum cans into aluminum bars. These aluminium bars can be used by the factories to make a different object from it.

Likewise, you can recycle glass bottles, paper, iron, and a few other metals. As, the biodegradable disposable plates are 100% plant material there is no need for recycling this. Learn why recycling is mandatory

Are palm leaf plates compostable?

Biodegradable disposable plates can be composted in the backyard garden

Yes. You can compost areca leaf plates in your backyard compost. It doesn’t need any special composting methods.

Have a separate trash bin for collecting soiled areca tablewares and ask your guests to toss the plates after using them.

Then you dump the soiled palm leaf plates into a compost pit, and in less than three months, the plates break down and decompose. You can use this compost for your home garden.

Now, you may have a question. Does the backyard compost smell bad? No. The composts never stink.

Do you have any other methods that you apply to the used palm leaf plates other than composting? You can let us know you about your ways by commenting in the section below, and we are excited to hear about your methods.

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