6 Reasons that make you love Areca leaf plates and Areca leaf Bowls

6 Reasons that make you love Areca leaf plates and Areca leaf Bowls

Areca leaf plates also referred as areca plates/areca palm plates is an eco-friendly disposable plate that is gaining more popularity these days and used everywhere possible for serving food. Be it a Beach party, Potluck or camping the Areca plates and Areca Bowls will definitely add an element of delight. Here is the 6 reason that make everyone love Areca palm leaf products !

Areca leaf plates are 100% Natural

Areca Products are 100% natural. They are fallen leaves from the Areca nut palm tree and pressed by the hydraulic press machine. It is FREE from chemical, glue and binders.There is NO extra coating applied to plates during manufacturing to retain the texture. So it becomes the most compelling reason to serve food on the Areca leaf plate.

Easy Handling

Areca leaf plates certainly overcomes the problem that we have with the regular paper and plastic plates. In general the paper plates are too lightweight to use whereas the Areca leaf plates are also lightweight but durable. The shape of the Paper and Plastic plates will get distorted when the food weight increases in the plate.However in case of Areca leaf plates, they will remain in shape and will hold up the food and no need to worry about spilling.They can be hand held easily and the dish can be enjoyed in picnic, camping and while sitting in front of TV watching your favourite reality show.

Different styles

Areca leaf plates comes in many different shaped and sizes and you can choose the plates or bowl as per the dishes that are planned to server for the occasion. For instance to serve a small piece of cake or ice cream, a 4-inch round or a square Areca bowl will be the best fit.If your party theme is Mediterranean and for serving Rice Pilaf and 4 pieces of Kabob, a 12 inch Round areca plate or a 10-inch Square areca plate will be a great choice. You can check with your supplier about different shapes and sizes of the Areca plates and pick the one that you think will best suit your dishes.

4 inch round areca bowls


4 inch Round bowl
4 Inch Areca Bowl


4 inch Square bowl
10 inch shallow plates


12 inch Round plate


10 inch Square plate


It is important to realize that when you microwave the food in a plastic and foam plate there is a high chance that it gets melted and can get in contact with the food which is not desired.
But this doesn’t happen in the Areca plates, they can be microwaved for 1.5 – 2.5 minutes at high temperature without the fear of food contamination.

Make it memorable

Your guests will remember it forever and will thank you for making a “Green” party when you use Areca plates for serving food in wedding and parties. You can make your party a mega hit and it will make you a happy host.

Getting Rid of Plates

Obviously this should have been the first reason. Yes the main reason why people started using the Areca products is because it is Eco-friendly and it is very easy to get rid of it them. One simple and beneficial way is to decompose them in the backyard. Simply collect the plates after your party, dig a small pit and dump the soiled plates. That’s it, it will get decomposed in 90 days and this will eventually enrich the soil.
If there is backyard, you can even trash it and feel good, because eventually they will get decomposed in the landfill.

Finally rethink twice before picking up plastic plates, while the Areca leaf plates can be the best choice for making you parties earth friendly.

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