Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Plates

Palm leaf plates that you use to serve food will not only delight your guests but also enriches the soil. Become an eco-friendly hero.

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Areca palm leaf plates supplier and exporter


Are you a business trading eco-friendly products? Or an individual who wants to save the world from the devastating effects of single-use plastics? and looking for a lifetime partner who can help you source the best eco-friendly products? CrozBorder Exports enable hassle-FREE importing of areca palm leaf plates to any part of the world. We make areca products sourcing so easy and quick, so you will have more time to focus on your other important work.


What is areca leaf plates?


Farmers grow areca palm trees for their betel nuts. Areca palm trees also shed their leaves along with the sheaths from the main stem. The sheaths are then trimmed to remove the leaf part and the sheaths are sent to the factory. In the Factory, they wash the sheaths to remove the dust and dry the sheaths. Using a hydraulic press, the sheaths are then pressed into plates. This disposable tablewares are 100% plant material and so is the palm leaf plates are compostable in less than 60 days.

Why choose Palm leaf plates?


To make an environmentally conscious choice for your family servings, outdoor picnics and parties or corporate events then Areca palm leaf disposable plates can be considered.These disposable plates are best for home and catering and will definitely add charm to your party through their rustic appearance. Our disposable tableware are chemical free, UV treated and suitable for any occasion.

Bring liveliness to your party with the palm leaf plates and you will be complemented by your guest for your earth friendly choice.That’s why CrozBorder Exports recommends these palm leaf plates to anyone who wants to make a sustainable choice over the Single use plastics and styrofoam plates. You can get different shaped areca plates like Square plates, round plates,bowls and much more. Join the club of Happy hosts, who wants to host a environment friendly food serving parties and events.

Eco Friendly palm leaf plates

Palm leaf plates are EcoFriendly

  • 100% natural 100% sustainable
  • This palm leaf plates are made from Fallen leaves so No trees are cut while sourcing the raw material
  • Less carbon emission
  • This disposable plates are certainly the best alternative to the plastic and paper plates

Palm plates are easy to dispose

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Feel better after dumping the used plates. Wherever it goes, it gets decomposed in less than 90 days.
  • Palm leaf plates can be dumped it the backyard after the party for composting.
Garbage bin
palm leaf plates are chemical free

Palm leaf plates are 100% CHEMICAL FREE

  • NO chemical is used during the Areca palm leaf plates manufacturing process
  • Areca plates does not contain any binders and adhesives.
  • Eco Friendly palm leaf plates are free from Gluten and GMO plant parts.

Our Areca Leaf plates


Eco Green Areca Plates – Round


Eco Green Areca Plates – Round

Elegant disposable Square Areca Plates and Bowls


Elegant disposable Square Areca Plates and Bowls

100% Natural Rectangle Areca Plates and Bowls


100% Natural Rectangle Areca Plates and Bowls

6 inch areca palm leaf deep bowl


6 inch Areca palm leaf deep rice bowl – Square

4 inch sushi bar plate


4 inch Sushi Bar Areca palm leaf plate

100% Natural Rectangle Areca Plates and Bowls


Areca palm leaf shallow plates – 7,9, 10 inches.


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